Local Deployment of a ClickOnce application

You can deploy a ClickOnce application to localhost, i.e. your local web server on your own machine. After deploying your application to your local web server, you can install the application on your machine, on another machine in your local network, or in a VM. This is a great way to make sure all of the files required to run your application are included and/or the prerequisites work correctly.

It can take me several minutes to deploy the GoldMail Composer application to our development web server that provides access from the internet, but deploying it locally only takes a few seconds, so this method saves me a lot of time when I’m repeatedly testing a deployment.

You need to have IIS installed and you need to know the name of your Computer. This GoldMail gives a general idea on how to accomplish those two tasks, and then shows how to set your options to deploy your ClickOnce application locally and test it.

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8 Responses to “Local Deployment of a ClickOnce application”

  1. Hitchhiker Says:

    Does anyone know how to keep files in your program folder after you install and use the app for some time? I have files that get initiall installed and then possibly updated by the user. Once that happens, I want the user to keep their newest files when I update their application but it just deletes everything and re-installs. Normal setup software will not overwrite newer files.

  2. Operating platform issue Says:

    Hi Robin,
    I am working on this new technology of deploying an application. I came across a problem. I deployed my project on Vista. and i can not install it in WIn 7 nor XP(lets say clients workstations). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Simon Says:

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    Hello, I have big problem when I am trying to deploy my app over clickonce.

    I have this error: An error occurred trying to download ‘https://

    I think there is problem with SSL certificate, becose is signed for diferent domain. SSL certificate is signed for pipni.cz and i have url https://someserve.com/cliconce

    Is there any solution?

    Thank a lot for any help. Regards, Simon

  4. assimilater Says:

    Hi. I have done everything you’ve done on this goldmail in configuring the IIS. (Windows 7)

    I’m working in visual web developer to try and debug a website on my IIS and later publishing it to its actual FTP server. However when I try and view the website it tells me that ASP.Net 4.0 has not been registered on the web server and I need to manually configure it in order for the site to run correctly. Do you know how to do this?

    • robindotnet Says:

      IIS is used to host HTTP content, which is what ClickOnce deployments are. You can’t serve up the files using FTP, although you can publish with FTP. For everyone else’s benefit, we have moved the discussion to the MSDN ClickOnce Forum.

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