SVCC done, on to Fresno

The talk at the Silicon Valley Code Camp went great yesterday. Only a few people showed up, but they were people who really wanted more information about ClickOnce. I had spent a lot of time creating samples for deploying data, and completing an article for Microsoft about certificates expiring along with the code samples for that in both C# and VB, and they chose certificates (we only had an hour).

We talked about bugs features in various areas of ClickOnce, and then talked about “The Certificate Problem”. They found the trick of clicking the OK button on the uninstall very clever, but I must profess it was not my idea nor my code. I did place a reference to the original author in the code, because I always believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I’m going to give the whole talk at the East Bay .NET User Group meeting on October 14th, so if you want to know more, and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come check it out!

I ran into Gustavo Cavalcanti who runs the Central .NET Users Group in Fresno at SVCC, and I had to admit I had not written all of the content for my talk out there yet (it’s in 4 days). He wasn’t concerned; he said I was fairly entertaining the last time I went out there, so he figured it would be fine whatever I wanted to talk about. 🙂

In Fresno, I’ll be talking about using Visual Studio Tools for Office. I wanted to mess around with Outlook Add-Ins, and we write what we’re most interested in, so I wrote one that let me send images with a hyperlink for a GoldMail embedded in the image. This was on my own time, and it kind of got out of hand, as these things do when developers write code for themselves, and turned out to be pretty full-featured.

I added a group to the Ribbon, and added controls to it, then added a new command bar to the main Outlook window, messing around with dropdown menus and buttons and links. I tossed in a configuration form and then discovered a way to render html e-mail in Outlook if you’re sneaky (which I am). GoldMail liked my add-in so much, they asked and I consented to release it as a full-blown feature (coming soon!). So this is what I will start my demo in Fresno with.

For the rest of the talk, I’m going to draw inspiration (thinly disguised as code samples) from the excellent new VSTO book by Eric Carter and Eric Lippert, Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007. I haven’t decided what’s most interesting, but like the looks of databinding Excel to a SQLServer database, Smart Tags, Outlook Form Regions, and Application-level add-ins. I’ll figure it out today.

If you’re interested in VSTO, and Fresno is too far, come see me talk about it at the San Francisco .NET Users Group meeting on November 18th. VSTO is pretty cool.

2 Responses to “SVCC done, on to Fresno”

  1. Farzad Says:

    Hi robindotnet ,

    I tried every single solution in internet to deploy my excel addin for all users but I can’t , I just wonder you may can help me. I’m working on below condition:
    Vs 2008 sp1
    VSTO 3
    destination : windows 2008 32 bit + windows 2008 64 bit ( they are terminal server in CITRIX environment )

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