Windows 7 Installation Fun

When installing my software, I always start with Office, because most of my information is in Office documents or in OneNote (one of my favorite products of all time). Then I do my development/work software, and then everything else.

I had some precedence problems when installing my development software, primarily this bunch:

Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2008 SP-1
Team Explorer (to access Team Foundation System)
SQLServer 2008
Windows 7.0 SDK

I installed the Windows SDK first (there was some issue about the service packs that made me think this was a good idea). Then I installed VS2008, followed by VS2008 SP-1 (this took longer than it did to install Windows 7 — go get some lunch while it’s running) and then Team Explorer. (Anyone see anything wrong with that logic? Keep reading.)

Then I went to install SQLServer 2008. It warns you that it is not compatible with Windows 7, but there’s a service pack for that to install later. After going through what seemed like an infinite number of configuration screens, I finally got to the install, and it wouldn’t install it. It said, "You must install Visual Studio 2008 SP-1 before installing this."

I HAD installed it. I checked it. Yep, still there. I bing-ed my problem, and found something about SQLServer and service packs and the list of the components that it would install, including the VS2008 Shell (integrated mode). That seemed interesting to me. This is also installed by Team Explorer.

So I uninstalled the VS2008 Shell, and tried to install SQLServer2008 again, and lo and behold, it worked! Awesome! (And it reinstalled the VS2008 Shell.) Of course, then I had to install the service pack to SQLServer2008 immediately so it would work with Windows Fabulous.

So I thought I was up and running, and that’s when I realized the problem in my installation order. The SP-1 for Visual Studio also applies to Team Explorer. Oops. So I couldn’t see the Last Check-In date, an addition that I have found invaluable. So I had to re-do the most painful part, and reinstall (repair) Visual Studio 2008 SP-1. (Go get ice cream. Take your time. It’s not faster the second time.)


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