Azure Development Cookbook preview

My friend Neil MacKenzie, a Windows Azure MVP, has just released a new book called The Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook.

Neil is one of the guys I go to when I have a question about Windows Azure. I’m always impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge, so I’m really looking forward to checking out his book. It looks like it has a lot of code samples that can be used right out of the book for common scenarios.

I’m going to be downloading and checking out the book, and I’ll blog about what I like and/or don’t like about it. If you’ve had a chance to check it out, please share your opinions in the comments and we’ll compare notes. To check out the book, click here.


One Response to “Azure Development Cookbook preview”

  1. Paul Keister (@pkpjpm) Says:

    I’ve had this book for about a month and love it. It’s varies a bit from the standard “cookbook” format by providing more in-depth and well informed commentary on each code recipe than is typical. I’m a big fan of the cookbook format and this really works for me. I haven’t used it for a project yet – my current Azure project stalled again 😦 In the mean time I’ve been skipping back and forth between interesting recipes and learning a lot about Azure in the process. I’m quite sure this book will be invaluable when I finally get some Azure code in production.

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