Code from the October 2011 Silicon Valley Code Camp Talks

As promised, I am posting the code from my talk at the Silicon Valley Code Camp on Saturday, October 8th. For those of you who attended both sessions, I added a boolean to the WCF service to let you flip back and forth between SQL Azure and Windows Azure Table Storage without changing the code. I have also included a copy of the SQL Azure database that you can run locally or migrate to Azure. You can download the goods by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.


7 Responses to “Code from the October 2011 Silicon Valley Code Camp Talks”

  1. Joe M Says:

    Loved the class. Thank you Robin.

    1) I am concerned because when you added queues, you changed a lot of code. I was hoping to implement without queues, and wondered how to retrace the steps to take out queues.

    2) There is a codeplex download claiming to be a MMC for Azure. Familiar with it? §

    • robindotnet Says:

      You’re welcome; I’m glad it was helpful.
      1) If you don’t want to use the queue, you can remove the following from CustomerServices.svc — the private variables at the top, the Initialize method for the queue, and the method to add the entry to the queue. Then you can remove the worker role that processes the queue. The last thing I can think of is to remove the properties for the queue (like the name) from GlobalStaticProperties and the CSCFG files (Service Configurations) and CSDEF (Service Definition) file. I’m pretty sure that should cover it.
      2) I know about the MMC. I used it over a year ago, but I found the Cerebrata tools to be more helpful to me, mostly because of being able to pull my trace diagnostics so easily for each individual hosted service. The MMC is definitely a good place to start — it’s free, and you can always check out the trial for Cerebrata later if you need it.

  2. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 10/11/2011+ - Windows Azure Blog Says:

    […] Shahan (@RobinDotNet) posted Code from the October 2011 Silicon Valley Code Camp Talks on […]

  3. Joe M Says:

    Very nice and unexpected. I found this in the CustomerServices.svc.cs code:

    //I’m adding this so you can flip back and forth between the two types of storage
    // — sql azure or windows azure table storage — without changing the code.
    enum DataBaseType { sqlazure, tablestorage }
    DataBaseType dbType = DataBaseType.sqlazure;

    I finally got this to run in emulation mode after disabling my corporate’s McAfee firewall blocker. That @%^!* code was preventing services from responding on my localhost.

    • robindotnet Says:

      You’re welcome. I couldn’t decide which set of code to leave commented-out, so I figured using a toggle would take care of it! And congratulations on dealing with McAfee.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Hello Robin

    Thanks for a great demo. Our company is taking a look at Azure and your experience in moving to the cloud
    was well received. I already have my first assignment – converting our database to SQL Azure.


    • robindotnet Says:

      Thanks Ryan; I’m glad it was helpful. Moving to Azure has been great for my company. For the engineers, it was great to be able to leverage the skills we already had and add Azure to them. Another recommendation I can make is to read Azure in Action by Brian Prince and Chris Hay. They did an excellent job of explaining all of the Azure bits and showing some of the code. It’s a bit out of date now, but the principles and most of the code are still relevant.

      Good luck; feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


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