Windows Azure Camp Oct 28-29 2011

There’s a great opportunity to get started learning about Windows Azure coming up this week. There is an Azure Developer Camp this Friday and Saturday (10/28-10/29) at the Microsoft offices in Mountain View, which is over in Silicon Valley. This is an event for developers, by developers. You get to learn from experts and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned. Here’s the agenda for day 1:

  • Getting Started with Windows Azure
  • Using Windows Azure Storage
  • Understanding SQL Azure
  • Securing, Connecting, and Scaling Windows Azure solutions
  • Windows Azure Application Scenarios
  • Launching your Windows Azure App

Day 2 is all development. They will have step-by-step labs you can go through that will get you started right away. You’ll also have the option to build an application using Windows Azure, and then show it off to the other attendees for the chance to win prizes. And Windows Azure experts will be on hand to help.

So if you want to get started, or just check out what it’s all about, register here and come check it out. Neil MacKenzie (Azure MVP) will be there to answer questions and help, and so will I. Hope to see you there!


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