San Diego Code Camp 2012

I gave my “Azure for Developers” talk at the San Diego Code Camp a couple of weeks ago. In this talk, I show how to set up a WCF service that performs CRUD operations and call it from a Windows Forms client. This shows all of the features of Windows Azure, including web roles, worker roles, diagnostics, blob storage, table storage, and queues.

The code from the talk includes the WCF service (CustomerServices), the Windows Forms application (TestService), and the SQLServer database (which is uploaded to SQL Azure using the SQL Azure Migration Wizard from codeplex).

You can download the code packet here.

You can download the SQL Azure Migration Wizard here.

Thanks to everyone who attended the talk; I hope you enjoyed it!


4 Responses to “San Diego Code Camp 2012”

  1. vishalishere Says:

    this was really a informative session..
    hope to see more of your Azure sessions

  2. vishalishere Says:

    Hi Robin, I am developing a image sharing website where people can come and upload images and share with the world, I have developed the application using jquery, mvc3, sql server 2008, wcf I have not put it on a production server yet and i want to deploy it on Azure in first attempt,
    my images are stored on disk at the moment and are referenced in the db to retrieve, do you recommend any strategy for this kind of site on azure?
    i have integrated with facebook, twitter, linkedin, google, windows live, yahoo and few others using oauth api.

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