Silicon Valley Code Camp, Scott Guthrie, and me

What do Silicon Valley Code Camp, Scott Guthrie, and I have in common? We’ll all be in Los Altos Hills in the Silicon Valley area this weekend (10/7-10/8).

Yes, that’s right, Scott Guthrie is speaking at SVCC this Sunday 10/7 at 9:15 a.m. PST. Scott is a Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Server and Tools business, and I can personally say that since he’s been put in charge of Windows Azure, things are hopping even more than they already were. A year ago, who would have thought they would ever let you run Linux on Microsoft’s premier cloud computing platform? And yet, that’s what’s happening, in addition to adding a lot more exciting features and options that make the cloud accessible to everyone, not just those developing on the Microsoft stack. Scott is going to give you an overview and do a bunch of demos. He’s a great speaker, and you shouldn’t miss this if you can help it. I hope to see you there!

If you’re looking to learn something about Azure on Saturday 10/6, I’m speaking at 3:30. I’m going to do a robo talk about Windows Azure development, and show how to create a WCF service that accesses SQL Azure (and Windows Azure Table Storage, if I have time), and uses blobs and queues and web roles and worker roles and diagnostics. You should come just to see if I can squeeze the whole talk into 1:15. I’ll also take general architecutre questions and answer questions about my company’s successful migration to Windows Azure.

At 5:00, I’ll talk about how everyone can use blob storage – it’s not just for use in Windows Azure. You can use blob storage in your web application or desktop application without ever touching anything else in Windows Azure. Come see how! I know it’s the end of the day, but I promise you won’t fall asleep!

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