Tech Days San Francisco, 2-3 May 2013, through Azure-colored glasses

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is awesome if you work in tech. There are so many companies springing up all the time and so many interesting places to work. The hard part of working in tech is keeping up with the current technologies and learning the new skills that can help you advance your career. A great way to do that is to keep your eyes open for conferences, dev days, tech days, etc., in your area, sign up and go. There are so many great opportunities being offered by the community leaders in your area.

A really interesting opportunity is coming up in the San Francisco Bay Area in early May – Tech Days SF. While primarily for IT Pros, there are also sessions that will be interesting to developers. What developer couldn’t benefit from knowing more on the IT Pro side? I was recently talking to another Azure MVP, and we agreed that now with all of the features in Windows Azure, it would behoove us to learn about virtual networks and some of the other IT-type features we never had to know when just doing software development.

There are some great speakers coming, which I doubly appreciate, because I managed to poach Glenn Block from Microsoft to speak at the Azure Meetup in San Francisco the night before (5/1) about mobile services (official announcement coming soon). And there is going to be a wide variety of topics; here is a random selection that just coincidentally seem Azure-related or Azure-useful:

  • Windows Azure
  • Managing the Cloud from the CmdLine
  • Microsoft IT – Adopted O365 and Azure
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines (IAAS)
  • PowerShell Tips and Tricks (You can use PowerShell scripts with Windows Azure)
  • Manage Server 2012 Like a Pro or Better, Like an Evil Overlord (I like the title)

This is just one of many opportunities available to keep your skills up-to-date. So check it out, sign up, and go expand your knowledge!

(Reminder – There’s also a Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in San Francisco on 4/27!)

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