October Appearances

You can meet me at one of these events (oooooh, aaaaah):
10/2/2009 Silicon Valley Code Camp
10/8/2009 Central California .NET User Group
10/14/2009 East Bay .NET User Group
11/18/2009 San Francisco .NET User Group

I’m going to be speaking this weekend (October 2nd) at the Silicon Valley Code Camp. My session is at 11:00 a.m. and is on the difficulties of ClickOnce Deployment, and some of the bugs I have uncovered and how to deal with them. I have several topics for discussion, but will try to address questions that people bring, and then discuss whichever topics they are most interested in.

The questions that seem to be asked the most in the forums are about desktop shortcuts and deploying data or just including extra files. Deploying data is a big one, and I have done a bunch of tests to see exactly how to deploy a SQLCE or SQLExpress database with your ClickOnce application. I will be blogging that some time in the not-too-distant future.

If you miss the SVCC event, and/or want more detail, come to the East Bay .NET User Group meeting on October 14th at University of Phoenix in Livermore. It’s right on the west edge of Livermore, barely out of Pleasanton. I will be covering the data deployment and certificate issues and basically the same topics as CodeCamp, but in more detail.

If you are interested in VSTO development, I will be giving a talk at the Central California .NET User Group meeting on October 8th. That one will cover how to create an Outlook Add-In, including modifying the ribbon, and I’m thinking data binding in Excel and maybe Forms in Outlook. I will also discuss ClickOnce deployment of a VSTO application and the bug I discovered therein.

If that interests you but Fresno is too far away, I will be giving the same talk in San Francisco on November 18th.

I also have an update to the “expiring certificate problem”, and I will be adding the new content here and linking the previous entry to the new one. I have also translated the code into VB.Net for those of you who are VB developers. (Unlike many C# developers, I don’t feel there is a whole lot of difference between the two languages, and do not discriminate based on your language of choice.) I just need to pass it by someone at Microsoft to make sure it’s completely accurate and then I will post it.

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